Moonlight and Ivory 2014 Press Photos

Photos taken by official photographer, Gary Hatrick

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Performing Arts Photos

David Groomes

Barbara Friedman

Dade City, FL

David Groomes

Wesley Chapel, FL

Rob and Darlo Spradlin

Kathleen White

Tallahassee, FL

Paul Lewis

Jessica Workman and Linda LaFayette

Leo O'Rourke and Brad Stevens

Dade City, FL

Ralph Evans,

master of ceremonies

Dade City, FL

Heather Kline-piano, Trinity, FL, Charlotte Lynn-violin,Dade City, FL,

Paul Lewis-string base

Dolores Riego de Dios

San Antonio, FL

Jessica Weckman, San Antonio, FL

Linda LaFayette, Zephyrhills, FL

Visual Arts Photos